A. Wolf
Cupertino, CA

The Design Loft team, led by Hellen, are exceptional design partners. They helped us to re-imagine our master bath and kitchen with creative design and structural solutions. Hellen and Joni were great thought partners and were very attuned to our design preferences while also introducing new variations that we would not have come up with on our own. I am grateful, finally to have a walk-in closet in our master bedroom, and a state of the art kitchen that is both sophisticated and highly functional. The team is very responsive and willing to assist on all aspects of our house remodel, including finish, material, fabric, and furniture selection. I would highly recommend this team and when if there comes time for remodeling in the future, they will be first on our list to call!

Hellen Hsieh

Hellen completed her Bachelor of Science at Art Center College of Design with a focus on Environmental and Interior Design in 1993. Since that time, she has worked with with several noteworthy interior design firms in the Bay Area