G. KleinSmid / Colleague

I have worked with Hellen Hsieh and her staff on multiple projects for over four years. Throughout each project Hellen has maintained her professionalism and focus on the end result. She has good design sense, but also good people sense and helps clients enjoy the design process without becoming overwhelmed with all of the available design and product choices.

No project is without its challenges and how one deals with them does much to determine the final outcome of the project. Hellen has a positive attitude, solicits input from all affected parties and works together to find the best solution to issues. She is creative, forthright and accessible.

As a contractor, I appreciate her knowledge of building construction and as a client you will appreciate her ability to listen closely and turn your words into design ideas with beautiful results.

Hellen Hsieh

Hellen completed her Bachelor of Science at Art Center College of Design with a focus on Environmental and Interior Design in 1993. Since that time, she has worked with with several noteworthy interior design firms in the Bay Area