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Interior design is what makes a house your home. Your tastes and your ideas combine to create a personal aesthetic that reflects your lifestyle and personality.

At Design Loft, we help you realize your dreams. Projects as large as entire custom homes, or as small as window treatments, we create award-winning designs that are as beautiful as they are functional.

For us, each project is a unique challenge. Twenty years of design experience has given us an appreciation of how the definition of success is ultimately personal.

Our track record of meeting the needs of our diverse client base and our first-hand experience with quality materials, the newest trends, and functional utility, gives us the confidence to help clients with projects large and small.


We realize that projects can be daunting. Even the smallest project can be disruptive and unfamiliar.


As a boutique design firm, we are intimately
involved in every aspect of the project.


Over the years, many clients have asked Design Loft to stay involved throughout the construction phase of a project.

Our Services

Sometimes you know exactly what you want. Sometimes you don’t know where to start.  Hellen and her Design Loft team provides guidance and hand holding from start to finish.


Sometimes all you need is some paint or a minor upgrade.  We can help you get the most out of your project budget.

Space planning & lighting plans

It sounds elementary, but a design that identifies and addresses traffic flow, uses patterns and physical layouts can make all the difference.

Getting Started

Permits, drawings, city codes, load-bearing walls – it can all sound daunting.  We can help you figure it all out.

Material & color consultation

Our expertise in color, texture and materials can really make your room ‘pop’.

Kitchen and bath design

Appliances, fixtures, materials and finishes change constantly. We can help you select the components that work best for your needs and lifestyle.

Custom furniture & cabinetry

When you want something truly special, a custom design might be your answer.

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